Dr. Lucas is an internationally respected practitioner and instructor who has taught MDs and practiced all over the world about Chinese medicine procedures and helping others when all hope may be lost.  With more than 25 years experience in teaching and practicing, her passion is to spread the benefits of Chinese medicine and help others.  We are in a transitional space with an uncertain timeline. We will find solace, security, and transformation if we continue to learn, grow, and heal. Sometimes we need guidance, help and new tools.  Dr. Lucas has decided to bring healing TO YOU, regardless of where you are located.  Denver Acupuncture Expert is now Your Wellness with Dr. Martha, a resource center with a global reach offering different modalities to help, heal, live, learn, and love. 

You can still visit Dr. Lucas at her practices in Denver and Littleton in treating internal medicine issues, generally the chronic issues that don’t respond well to modern medicine techniques and pharmaceuticals. If you feel like you’ve “tried everything” but still can’t feel well OR you are having difficulty getting pregnant, please contact her at either or 303.947.6224.