Acupuncture and Dry Needling

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You’ve probably heard a lot about dry needling. That is acupuncture that is also known as ashi
needling and trigger point needling. It is one of the techniques that is taught to Licensed
Acupuncturists during our 4 years of medical school.

Your Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment Plan
Prior to treating you with acupuncture, gua sha medical massage, injections, or Chinese herbs, I
do a thorough pulse diagnosis. A proper evaluation of your pulses is key to effective treatment.
This is my specialty, a diagnosis technique that I teach to MDs who practice Chinese medicine
all over the world and why my treatments are unique and more effective. The treatment plan is to
determine the cause of your condition or symptoms and resolve that rather than just treating
symptoms which is almost always just a temporary, quick fix.



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Dr. Martha, Acupuncture Woman


(No reviews yet) Write a Review