*New video self study for FERTILITY with Dr. Martha includes live calls

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Amplify your essential energy and restore the balance needed to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. In this powerful 4 week program, you will harness the power of energy medicine tools taught by Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. The weeks will be transformational! Dr. Martha is an internationally known Practitioner and Instructor of Chinese and other energy medicines. She is known for helping others discover what is blocking their transformation and good health and get them on the right track! You are going to learn the techniques that healers use to heal yourself.

The program starts with a Telemedicine Discovery Call with Dr. Martha to talk about your issues while trying to get pregnant including any infertility tests results that you have. One of the things she does is help couples get pregnant. In addiiton to the initial Telemedicine Discovery Call,

+ you will receive a video presentation on acupressure that shows you how to treat your body for healthy pregnancy,

+ you will receive 3 other important weekly emails that discuss important factors of fertility - nutrition, emotions, etc.,

+ you'll connect with Dr. Martha at the end of the 4 week program for follow up

+ You'll learn meditative, mindfulness, Qigong exercises for balance and creating a warm fertile environment for your baby.

You will RECEIVE:

+ your initial Telemedicine with Dr. Martha - your Discovery Call

+ emails with self study guides, meditations, Qigong

+ the acupressure presentation with Dr. Martha's voice guiding you through it 

+ a followup and future insight Telemedicine private session with Dr. Martha

Acupressure is very effective and Dr. Martha shows you - and tells you (the course includes an instructive video AND via Telehealth) - how to use acupressure for treating menstrual and fertility issues. PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK WITH YOUR INFERTILITY GROUP, FRIENDS, anyone who will benefit. 

The course includes this video:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review