*At-home program for FERTILITY, PMS, with Dr. Martha on Telehealth

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This 8 week program starts with a Telehealth visit with Dr. Martha to talk about your struggle to get pregnant. Her specialty is helping couples get pregnant. The program has the Telehealth Discovery Call, an acupressure that you can do at home video presentation, weekly group calls to discuss other important factors of fertility - nutrition, emotions, etc.  Acupressure is very effective and Dr. Martha shows you - and tells you (the course includes an instructive video AND via Telehealth) - how to use acupressure for treating menstrual and fertility issues. PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK WITH YOUR INFERTILITY GROUP, FRIENDS, anyone who will benefit. 

The course includes this video: https://youtu.be/Eo09Sjxn8mA