Lipodissolve - Belly Fat Injections - Mesotherapy

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Product Overview

An increasing number of non-surgical options promise to get rid of unwanted fat. They all sound very tempting: who doesn’t want to have more attractive and slimmer contours, reduce cellulite for bikini season, or tighten the abdomen post-baby or weight loss? 

When it comes to body contouring you want a treatment that’s effective and has years of clinical data behind it. One such procedure is Lipodissolve. It’s a scientifically proven, minimally-invasive modality that can relatively quickly and precisely eradicate areas of stubborn fat.

Lipodissolve, is not a weight loss treatment. It’s a treatment that’s intended for patients who have "problem areas" that remain untouched with exercise. It is Mesotherapy that specifically targets adipose tissue. The biggest advantage of Lipodissolve is that the substances injected occur naturally in your body. In fact, they’re so non-toxic that hospitals use them to treat acute internal health conditions.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review