Help boost Libido: a guided mindfulness audio recording

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By now you’re probably heard that meditation, sometimes called mindfulness, can give you health benefits. It can reduce stress, reduce anxiety, give you more energy, fight premature aging, reduce pain, help you make better food choices, and even boost immunity! Maybe you didn’t know that research shows that meditation can boost your sex life too by increasing desire/libido, helping with sexual confidence, and even with lubrication. Meditation helps you focus on what you want - in this case, great sex.
Here’s a list of the benefits of a libido meditation:
1. It reduces stress which can make sex more enjoyable. This is true especially if sex makes you anxious, you have worries about performance, or you’re having pain during sex that makes you nervous. When your stress response is active, it’s hard to get sexually aroused. 
2. It helps you focus on the present leading to better sexual satisfaction. You’ll learn to focus on what you’re doing in the moment, on pleasure. Sex is better when you can tune into your body, your partner, and the activity rather than thinking about dirty dishes. Meditation helps with that kind of focus.
3. It can increase or strengthen your sex drive/libido.
4. It can bring your closer to your partner because better sex can lead to a better connection and more love for your partner. You reconnect. 
5. Sex will feel fresh again, maybe more exciting, like you experienced early in your love affair.


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Dr. Martha, Acupuncture Woman


(No reviews yet) Write a Review