CALM Essential Oil Foot/Bath Soak: Reduce Stress, Improve Mood, Boost Immunity

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Product Overview

Our feet are one of the hardest working parts of our bodies, barely ever taking time off and going through all sorts of abuse. Essential oils are a great way to relieve the pain of overworked feet and can even help minimize unpleasant foot odor caused by sweating and wearing shoes all day. It is easy to put together a simple foot soak at the end of the day and well worth the small effort. Less expensive than a spa soak too!

You can also use this beneficial blend to rub into your feet as needed.

PLUS, it's CALMING ... that's why it is named Calm. We know that lowering stress helps with all manner of internal medicine and emotional needs; it even helps treat acne - even the stress or "mask acne" that people (yes, teens) are having right now.

It's a thoughtfully crafted blend of cedar (deals with persistent external forces), sweet orange (optimism), clary sage (see both sides of things), neroli and lemon (antibacterial) -- this is a full strength blend! Don't use neat/right on the skin. IT'S MADE FOR USING 5-7 DROPS IN FOOT SOAK OR BATH.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review