Eyebrow Microneedling

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Product Overview

Benefits & Results of Eyebrow Microneedling:
  • Helps to activate eyebrow hair follicles.
  • Helps to increase eyebrow hair roots.
  • Helps to increase thickness of eyebrow hair.
  • Helps to increase density of eyebrow hair.
  • Helps to make eyebrow hair stronger.
Usually women solve their eyebrow issues by coloring or tattooing. While these techniques get some results, they are more cosmetic while mesotherapy is a therapeutic application. The activity of the injection components follows the required rules to re-establish cellular regeneration. The formula's high concentrations of B vitamins ensures a complete nutrition of the dermal papilla as well as a proper metabolic function of hair follicles. You only need to be in clinic for less than 30 minutes; four to six treatments one week apart is recommended.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review