Facial Gua Sha Super Moisturizing Therapy and Mask

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Product Overview

Here's a kit for you to use to help your skin look youthful and fresh. It includes the gua sha tool that Dr. Lucas uses in her practice and the Mei Zen Facial Cupping and Gua Sha oil. 

How Facial Gua Sha benefits your skin
First and foremost, "No flow, no glow!” 
Dr. Martha’s Facial Gua Sha treatment:
+ promotes lymphatic drainage so reduces puffiness
+ increases circulation and improves lymphatic function, resulting in a naturally dewy, glowing complexion.
can be used to prevent and clear acne, decongesting the skin and lessening inflammation.
stimulates blood circulation which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the skin and can result in an overall clearer and brighter complexion.
helps stimulate circulation, the technique itself oxygenates and carries nutrients to the skin cells.
contributes to a more lively, plumped up and youthful appearance.
Regular facial Gua Sha treatments can prevent the signs of aging such as sagging, dull and wrinkled skin.  The action of gently scraping the Gua Sha tool across the skin aids in serum/moisturizer product penetration, so those juicy phytonutrients go deeper into the layers of skin to feed us even more hydration. 
We hold so much tension in our face and neck. Massage with a Gua Sha stone can really get into sticky knotted areas to release held muscular tension, thus allowing muscles to do their supportive jobs properly. You’ll experience a dramatic release of tension with Gua Sha. This can be a great tool for TMJ and headache sufferers. Relaxing our facial muscles regularly also prevents and fades light expression lines.



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Dr. Martha, Acupuncture Woman



(No reviews yet) Write a Review