KARMA Essential Oil Blend

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Designed specifically to offer release from inherited patterns of anxiety or depression - patterns that can make us feel anxious for no apparent reason.

Karma’s unique blend, developed by Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac., enlists the essence of medicinal plants that have been used for a long time to help restore balance and release old vibes.

She chooses her oils carefully for the yin and yang energetics as well as their healing abilities. And every blend is infused with the healing energy of Reiki.

Ingredients that help make it work for you:
* Red mandarin resolves karmic issues and helps release the tendency to feel emotions without knowing why. 

* Ru xiang/frankincense, xiang mao/lemongrass, and palmarosa encourage letting go and moving on. Unblocks the solar plexus.

* Basil and litsea cubeba bring clarity and a feeling of peace; change old thought forms.

All in a jojoba base (live life!)

To Use: Put 2 or 3 drops around navel, soles of feet, and under nose or near clavicle.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review