At-home Acupressure Therapy for Infertility

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Take control of your fertility! Learn how to apply acupressure therapy in the comfort of your own home and get ready to conceive!

For 20+ years I have seen the major benefits of acupuncture but not everyone can access acupuncture treatment, especially right now during the pandemic. That’s where acupressure comes in. Acupressure, like acupuncture, is a type of bodywork that uses finger pressure on specific points to help the body heal and balance itself. Acupressure helps the body function better especially when it comes to the female reproductive system and hormonal imbalances.

What I’m going to lay out for you in this presentation are acupressure points that will specifically help balance hormones and boost fertility. You are going to apply gentle pressure to each point for 1-2 minutes, on each side of the body. I like to apply direct pressure on the point while moving my finger in a clockwise motion to really activate the pressure point and give you the most benefit. Like when you massage your temples or your jaw when you feel facial tension. 

How can acupressure help? - 1) by mediating the release of chemicals that send messages from the brain that affect ; 2) by stimulating blood flow to the uterus thereby making embryo implantation more likely; and 3) by boosting production of chemicals that inhibit hormone levels.


Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. is a Psychologist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She is a premier integrative wellness practitioner who uses a holistic and inclusive approach to solve your healthcare issues and keeping you healthy both in person and VIRTUALLY! She uses accurate assessment and integrated methods to heal your sports injuries, general pain, internal medicine concerns, fertility issues, pain and morning sickness during pregnancy, and age positive treatments.
She offers expertly designed age positive cosmetic treatments - cosmetic acupuncture is a chosen Botox and filler alternative. Her treatments stimulate the production of natural collagen and activate weakened facial muscles to promote a more youthful appearance. 
Dr. Lucas’s cosmetic acupuncture system is a safe and holistic treatment that addresses cosmetic skin concerns as well as internal aging issues that can lead to premature aging. Her approach is client-focused and tailored to YOUR specific skin concerns and issues, with an overall focus on restoring the skin with a renewed, more youthful appearance. Dr. Lucas says “I can’t prevent aging per se, but I can help you    and your skin stay vibrant and energetic.”
She also has a natural skin care line called My Zen Skin Care that uses Chinese herbs, essential oils, and all-natural active cosmeceuticals to give you the best skin ever! 
“Seriously …. I feel like I’ve had a weeklong vacation after one of Dr. Martha’s treatments.” J.K.
Dr. Lucas who has been called "the best Chinese medicine practitioner/Acupuncturist in Denver" and "the best Cosmetic Acupuncturist out there!" also offers
Cosmetic Acupuncture,
Facial Gua Sha Moisture Bomb Therapy
microneedling for hair loss,
microneedling for your face,
microneedling for your neck,
microneedling for your eyebrows,
microneedling for your hands
spider vein therapy
B12 injections
homeopathic injections 


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