Learn At-home Acupressure Therapy, whenever you want, for PMS

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Product Overview

Imagine a period without cramps!

How would it feel to be painfree?

Feeling more energetic would feel great!

With this presentation, learn how Acupressure relaxes muscle tension, improves circulation, balances hormones, AND releases endorphins which are natural pain relievers!

We’ve all been there. Everything is fineeee and dandy. You feel lively, energized, toned, attractive and then out of left field you feel crabby, sluggish, bloated, and crampy. One minute you are tired and just wanting to be alone, the next minute you are tearing up at an All-State commercial. You, my friend, are on the wild rollercoaster ride of PMS.

If you are someone who wants natural, free therapies that empower your body’s innate health, you’re gonna love acupressure!

Dr. Martha shows you how to treat yourself using points on your hand - that's right, points on your hand can actually treat your whole body.

You receive:

  1. a Powerpoint presentation that explains how to use acupressure to treat your PMS and other reproductive issues
  2. AND a link to a video recording of Dr. Martha going over the presentation for you!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review