My Zen Facial Program

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My Zen Facial Program
We know that acupuncture and facials both do wonders! Dr. Lucas offers a facial program that blends the traditional Chinese medicine staple of acupuncture with a glow-boosting, tension-busting My Zen skincare treatment. She addresses your skin with both body acupuncture points and with the facial, Gua Sha, photobiomodulation, and effective skin care products  She takes a close look at your face to discuss your skincare goals. That’s the My Zen Facial twist: this treatment is a three-in-one. It has all the benefits of regular, full-body acupuncture but with additional massage or photobiomodulation PLUS an herbal facial treatment.
The benefits will be hard to ignore!
* reduced wrinkle appearance
* super plump skin
* “sculpting” results from the Gua Sha 
* reducing in bags under the eyes
* relaxed facial muscles (helps reduce wrinkles!)
* reduced facial swelling from the lymph drainage massage
* help with acne, clearing clogged pores
* full body rejuvenation and relaxation (stress causes wrinkles on your face)
The My Zen Facial is a 3 treatment program that, over the course of the program, will include facial Gua Sha, lymphatic drainage massage, masks, and photobiomodulation. All the My Zen Skin Care products used are natural, based on Chinese medicine and Korean beauty secrets, and problem-focused. The program is a healthy body, healthy skin investment. 



You may also find essential oils and blends, body care, skin care, audio recordings, self hypnosis recordings, guided meditations, and herbs like Er Xian Pian on the site.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review