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Home Clearing Smudging and Essential Oil Kit


Smudging is an excellent way to rid your space of negative energy. From ancient Egypt through all of the Asian and Roman Catholic religions, and Native American sacred ceremonies, smudging has been used as a way to drive away negative and stagnant energies and invite in healing, balance, joy, and prosperity.


The Cleansing/Clearing Process: The smoke is said to remove negative influences and create a boundary that cannot be penetrated by negative energy.
Start your clearing by swirling the smoke around your body from your toes to the top of your head reciting your intentions to clear stagnant energy and replace it with clear, healing energy. Then walk through your house top to bottom and back to front, from room to room, wafting the smoke from the smudging stick into the air. Repeat this chant (or create one of your own :)) as you walk: I banish all negative influence from my home. I will not allow it to wreak havoc within the hearts, minds, and spirits of those who live and visit here. When you get to the front door, smudge around the door frame on your way out and leave the sage outside to burn when finished.

Then to anoint each room for love, peace, happiness, healing, and prosperity: take the Essential Oil spray and with the same walking through process you can say – fill this space with joy, love, good health, and prosperity and send blessings to all who live and visit here. …. or, make up your own chant.
My specially created essential oil blend spray contains lemongrass (to cut negative energy), frankincense (for purification), sage (to cleanse a space), orange bergamot (for grounding), ylang ylang (nourish your love of self), lavender (for calming), and 3 drops of peppermint to reverse any negativity in body, mind, and spirit. Last, but not least, the blend is infused with Reiki healing energy.


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