QUIT Essential Oil Foot/Bath Soak: For Smoking Addiction - Helps you Quit Nicotine!

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Product Overview

Can essential oils help you to quit smoking? Stress is a contributing factor to cigarette smoking addiction and we are pleased to offer essential oils that can help curb feelings of stress. That can be huge if you're having a hard time backing away from cigarettes on an emotional level. 

Tapping into the soothing properties of this essential oil blend can be an amazing alternative when the call of a cigarette gets louder and louder after a tough day. Using essential oils can nourish the body and soul in a way that makes it easier to give up cigarettes on an emotional level. Of course, the physical and cognitive benefits offered by essential oils ini the blend ensure that you're in top condition as you embark on a new life without nicotine!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review