Teen Acne Kit

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This kit includes a bottle of our Astragalus and Geranium toner, Wakame Stem Cell Cream, and a packet of our specially designed herbal powder. The powder is made from astragalus (huang qi), dang gui (angelica root), and ban lan gen (isatis root) which are all great for your skin. Mix a small amount of the powder with about a dime sized dollop of Stem Cell cream to put on acne spots. The stem cell cream helps get the products right where your skin needs them.

You make yourself a little poultice. Leave on the spots overnight and be amazed at how quickly your acne outbreaks can go away. But first(!), wash/wipe your skin with the Astragalus and Geranium Toner with a gauze pad -- using the gauze pad will cleanse your skin better and help open your pores for healing. 


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Dr. Martha, Acupuncture Woman


(No reviews yet) Write a Review