Telehealth (Distant Reiki) - Remote Service

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Telehealth Sessions with Dr. Martha

At Home Therapies & Prescriptions:
  • Diagnosis and herbal medicine
  • Distant Reiki
  • Acupoint Essential Oil Therapy you do at home
  • At-home Acupressure videos to do it yourself!
  • Lighten Up Program for controlling weight.
  • Audio files for sleep, fertility, anxiety, children's anxiety, and more.
We know sometimes we're critical of the internet but Dr. Martha has helped so many people worldwide over the airwaves and she can help you!
She started helping people heal some 30 years ago doing Reiki both in person and long distant. When she moved to Denver from Oregon, she had to continue treating her Oregon patients with absentee healing which is also known as long distance Reiki, virtual Reiki, or distant Reiki.
Long distance Reiki helps with:
- anxiety
- insomnia
- fatigue
- pain
- In fact, studies have found that people being treated for cancer who received distant reiki in addition to regular medical care had lower levels of pain, anxiety, and fatigue.
Whatever needs healing in our lives can be healed at this level. What is no longer positive can be cleared from our emotional and mental bodies. People are amazed at how good they feel after receiving a series of Reiki treatments; everyone grows!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review