Ultrasound Therapy

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Product Overview

At my clinic locations in Denver and Littleton, one of the services I offer is Ultrasound Therapy. It is a gentle, feel good therapy but you’d like to know what it does for you.

BENEFITS of ultrasound therapy:

1. For starters, therapeutic ultrasound can help relieve the pain that you are experiencing. While it heals your body’s deep tissues, it also decreases muscle spasms.

2. Ultrasound therapy relaxes muscle tension. Musculoskeletal conditions (pain, injuries) are the second largest contributors to disability across the world. Don’t let your muscle pain continue so that you fall into that category! Ultrasound therapy gives your tissues the deep heat they need to relieve tissue tension. In fact, it affects soft tissue cell metabolism by increasing blood flow to make cells more receptive to healing fluids.

3. It increases blood flow which helps to reduce the inflammation that causes pain.

4. The therapy’s sound waves/vibrations cause your body’s tissues to vibrate which causes deep, healing heat inside.

5. Those little micro-vibrations can also affect the fibers that cause scar tissue to form - so can prevent the growth of scar tissue or break down scar tissue which can help improve your range of motion.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review