Virtual Acupoint Therapy PLUS - telemedicine specialty services

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Virtual Acupoint Therapy PLUS

Includes your VAT session PLUS a bottle of custom essential oil blend created specifically for your symptoms and support during your healing process.

$179 for initial session, $79 per additional session if prescribed.

Virtual Acupoint Therapy (VAT) is a practitioner-guided technique to relax muscles, alleviate trigger points, and use traditional Chinese Medicine to restore the flow of life energy, moving your body toward a state of well being, even when you are unable to receive treatments in person.

Virtual Acupoint Therapy (VAT) is a safe, affordable treatment option given in real- time with a skilled provider during a telehealth appointment. You may be an active participant in your own therapy session, or you may find yourself napping. Either way, you will have a better understanding of and connection with your body's healing ability, making your treatments more effective.

Virtual Acupoint Therapy (VAT), a telemedicine specialty, is administered over Zoom so you don't have to fight traffic to commute to the clinic, and don’t have to pull yourself out of the healing state we achieve during your session to drive home. That's just one of the benefits of using telemedicine. Instead, you can simply lie down for a nap and allow your body to continue to rest – extending and further absorbing this deeply nurturing and recharging state of being.

Virtual Acupoint Therapy (VAT) can be used to treat:
 Insomnia
 Anxiety
 Depression
 Digestive issues
 Low back pain
 Headaches
 Reproductive Challenges

Benefits of Virtual Acupoint Therapy (VAT): VAT balances your body so that pain can be relieved, relaxes your mind decreasing anxiety and depression, and improves your ability to achieve more restful sleep.
 When your body doesn’t hurt, you can enjoy life more fully because you can do the activities that you love.
 When your mind is clear, stress is reduced allowing you to experience increased happiness and joy.
 When you sleep well, your immune system is more efficient and your thoughts are more manageable, giving you a greater sense of calm in your life.

What To Expect in Your Virtual Acupoint Therapy (VAT) Session:

 You will meet with Dr. Lucas virtually over Zoom to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan that will address and relieve your symptoms. 
 Dr. Lucas will explain the potential causes of your symptoms and explain how they will be relieved with Virtual Acupoint Therapy.
 Dr. Lucas will teach you how to help yourself at home between your Virtual Acupoint Therapy appointments.
 Dr. Lucas will discuss any recommended lifestyle changes that will help to support and maintain the effects of your treatment.
 Dr. Lucas will prescribe any follow-up sessions that may be necessary to optimize your results and options for continued treatment.

Working with Dr. Lucas over Zoom is as close to getting an in-person appointment as possible without visiting her clinic. That is just one of the advantages of using telemedicine - you can access telemedicine specialty services remotely. You'll have access to all her years of expertise and the ability to ask any questions you may have during your session. Many patients report a more relaxing healing experience when received in the comfort of their home.


Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. is a Psychologist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She is a premier integrative wellness practitioner who uses a holistic and inclusive approach to solving your healthcare issues and keeping you healthy both in person and virtually! She uses accurate assessment and integrated methods to heal your sports injuries, general pain, internal medicine concerns, fertility issues, pain and morning sickness during pregnancy, and age positive treatments.
She offers expertly designed age positive cosmetic treatments - cosmetic acupuncture is a chosen Botox and filler alternative. Her treatments stimulate the production of natural collagen and activate weakened facial muscles to promote a more youthful appearance. 
Dr. Lucas’s cosmetic acupuncture system is a safe and holistic treatment that addresses cosmetic skin concerns as well as internal aging issues that can lead to premature aging. Her approach is client-focused and tailored to YOUR specific skin concerns and issues, with an overall focus on restoring the skin with a renewed, more youthful appearance. Dr. Lucas says “I can’t prevent aging per se, but I can help you    and your skin stay vibrant and energetic.”
She also has a natural skin care line called My Zen Skin Care that uses Chinese herbs, essential oils, and all-natural active cosmeceuticals to give you the best skin ever! 
“Seriously …. I feel like I’ve had a weeklong vacation after one of Dr. Martha’s treatments.” J.K.


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