WARRIOR *Anti-Viral Essential Oil Blend: Boost Immunity, Fight Infection, Aid Respiratory Function

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Product Overview

The Warrior essential oil blend is the one to use to help prevent cold and flu. Put a few drops on your face mask before you go out. Use under your nose and on your clavicle when you travel and put in a diffuser at the first sign of a cold. 

  • Cleansing when applied topically
  • Neutralizes and purifies the air from strong odors when diffused
  • Freshens any atmosphere when diffused

Among the ingredients that help make it work for you:

* Guizhi/cinnamon bark and ding xiang/clove bud are antibacterial and antimicrobial and can be diffused into the air to protect from viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.

* Tea tree oil and echinacea: can help stop infections and strengthen the immune system.

* An ye/eucalyptus leaf essential oil: used to aid respiration.

* Black pine: brings a Yin presence to the blend plus iIt helps fight infections, reduce inflammation, and relieve respiratory tension. 

All in a jojoba base so you can put the blend on the skin or on jewelry designed for use with essential oils. 

To Use: Simply put 2 or 3 drops under the nose and around the neck, the navel, and soles of the feet. Particularly useful in contagious environments such as on airplanes, public transpiration, crowded areas, etc.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review