Weight loss assist audio meditation, self hypnosis, hypnotherapy recording

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Product Overview

This guided meditation can help you:

+ make lasting changes to your eating habits,

+ lose weight naturally,

+ make lasting changes to your thought patterns,

+ have more energy throughout your day,

+ reduce stress eating,

+ slow down your meals, 

+ make more thoughtful food choices,

+ help change how you feel about your weight.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I just need to use all the willpower I’ve got to finally drop this weight, etc..” We all have. But most people don't realize that willpower is a product of the conscious mind.  The conscious mind likes to think that it’s "running the show" - when really it's your subconscious mind running this "outdated" programming, based on all of your emotional baggage and past experiences.

That’s why willpower doesn’t work. It’s like thinking that using a powerful tool such as a battering ram to break down an obstacle is all that it takes to reach the gold on the other side. As soon as you take away the negative emotional patterns of your previous conditioning with food, you don’t even need the “battering ram” to get to the other side.

You simply walk the open path!

I offer audio hypnotherapy or meditation and visualization recordings to benefit your sleep, libido, ED, weight loss assistance, boosting your immune system, relaxation, conception or help with fertility and infertility challenges, help getting pregnant, help with building self confidence, anxiety, depression, build your energy, mindfulness, gathering energy from Nature, calming. 

Benefits of audio recordings of visualizations, or self hypnosis meditations include: 
Reducing anxiety and depression, 
Improving relaxation, 
Improving your ability to relax in the future, 
Helping to teach you relaxation techniques, 
Helping with your weight loss plan and results,
Helping with conception (getting pregnant), help with infertility issues,
Helping build your energy,
Helping to calm you,
Showing you how to gather energy from Nature,
Helping with ED (erectile dysfunction) all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. is a Psychologist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She is a premier integrative wellness practitioner who uses a holistic and inclusive approach to solve your healthcare issues and keeping you healthy both in person and VIRTUALLY! She uses accurate assessment and integrated methods to heal your sports injuries, general pain, internal medicine concerns, fertility issues, pain and morning sickness during pregnancy, and age positive treatments.
She offers expertly designed age positive cosmetic treatments - cosmetic acupuncture is a chosen Botox and filler alternative. Her treatments stimulate the production of natural collagen and activate weakened facial muscles to promote a more youthful appearance. 
Dr. Lucas’s cosmetic acupuncture system is a safe and holistic treatment that addresses cosmetic skin concerns as well as internal aging issues that can lead to premature aging. Her approach is client-focused and tailored to YOUR specific skin concerns and issues, with an overall focus on restoring the skin with a renewed, more youthful appearance. Dr. Lucas says “I can’t prevent aging per se, but I can help you    and your skin stay vibrant and energetic.”
She also has a natural skin care line called My Zen Skin Care that uses Chinese herbs, essential oils, and all-natural active cosmeceuticals to give you the best skin ever! 
“Seriously …. I feel like I’ve had a weeklong vacation after one of Dr. Martha’s treatments.” J.K.
Dr. Lucas who has been called "the best Chinese medicine practitioner/Acupuncturist in Denver" and "the best Cosmetic Acupuncturist out there!" also offers
Cosmetic Acupuncture,
Facial Gua Sha Moisture Bomb Therapy
microneedling for hair loss,
microneedling for your face,
microneedling for your neck,
microneedling for your eyebrows,
microneedling for your hands
spider vein therapy
B12 injections
homeopathic injections 


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