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Breathe free naturally! I have the perfect herbal formula to deal with allergies. It’s the formula Te Xiao Bi Gan (also known as allergy clear or allergy peace in English).

Here’s what people are saying about this Allergy Formula:

+ I suffered from seasonal allergies and this product gave me great relief.

+ I’ve used this product for the last 2 allergy seasons and it has helped me incredibly against allergy symptoms.

+ Clears my stuffy head!

+ I got a cold after a trip. My eyes wouldn’t stop tearing and nose stuffy. I knew I needed this formula and glad the product came quickly!

+ Once it dried up all of my allergy mucous, I could stop using it. Glad to know there’s something that works and that I can use as needed.

The time tested formula is made from all natural herbs that reflect a wonderful fusion of science and tradition. It is non-drowsy and non-habit forming.

Here are 4 healthy habits that you can add to your wellness routine.

  1. Take a “breathing break” …. no, not FROM breathing but from the shallow breathing that we tend to do when we’re stressed. Take a 1 and a half minute break (yep, just 90 seconds) now and then to take a few deep breaths. It can reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and lower blood pressure and your heart rate.
  2. Move your body. Research has found that moving your body for just 5 to 11 minutes a day increases your life span.
  3. Connect with a friend. Take just 5 minutes a day to feel seen and heard – and pass that same favor on to someone else. Even asking how the cashier at the grocery store is doing and sharing a bit about your day helps reduce depression and declining memory.
  4. Prepare healthy snacks to eat every day; make healthy choices.