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LifeWave Patches

A new approach to improving the way your body fosters the flow of energy in your body for improvements in strength, stamina and beyond. By gently stimulating the skin with light, these general wellness, non-transdermal patches help you conquer your active life-style and pave a new way to vibrant health.




What Dr. Martha has to say about Lifewave patch therapies:
It’s an interesting way that the circle of a career can go. I started Chinese medicine because of being introduced to light therapy in the form of Colorpuncture. And now, 25 years in (and still loving my “job” helping people and being fascinated by my medicine) I am back to doing light therapy aka Photobiomodulation or phototherapy which involves treating the body with light. In THIS case, the Lifewave patch’s non-transdermal design is treating your body with your own heat generated light – like you see with night vision goggles. They are harnessing your own body’s light energy to heal.
When I first heard about Lifewave, I was skeptical and waited for a long time before even doing my research on them. But, I was impressed when I took the time to read their studies. So I jumped in for personal (and family use) first, then started to introduce my patients to them.
By the way, those patch users who are being guided by a Chinese medicine practitioner are very lucky. Why? Because I can guide you about where to put the patches according to your diagnosis and using your body’s meridians and acupuncture points for the best results. You and I would set up a time to get on Zoom or in my office to get you started!
My personal experience:
As I said, in the beginning, I was (of course) skeptical. The company makes some pretty big claims and uses an affiliate program for people to buy the patches. For example, they claim 5 second pain relief with the IceWave patch. It turns out that I have experienced that with my own eyes on patients! NOT a cure by any means, but some pain relief – an assist while the body heals. It offers some pain-free time which can give a person time to breathe and relax.
Speaking of pain: on my first day of using the patches I wrote down all of my “conditions” or symptoms so I would remember since we have a tendency to forget what helped or what we did/changed when we do well. It turns out that daily pain was one of my “conditions”. After 6 weeks of using the X39 AND X49 (which I call my bone patch) I have had more than a week with no day time pain and no night time pain. This despite the fact that I’ve been increasing both my running time and distance. Why would that be important? Because, according to testing and prior pain, I have some bone on bone on my left knee and some bone spurs in my right knee. Yes, there has been talk of knee replacement BUT my doctor (whom I love), when I asked “should I quit running?” – his answer was “No. Arthritis is going to keep on going whether you quit or not. If you quit, arthritis wins. Our job is to keep you doing what you love doing on your God-given parts for as long as possible.”  ….. I loved hearing that because I can do a lot for myself: acupuncture, herbs, Gua Sha, injection therapy — ALL totally natural, total support of my body and then I added the Lifewave X 39 (stem cell proliferation) and X 49 patches. I had been doing all the other stuff before the patches and now (and I’m afraid to say it out loud because I might jinx myself) but I am virtually pain free.
Stiffness was another of my daily complaints: I wrote “pretty stiff when I get up from sitting in a chair for a while” and that is gone also. I can’t give one other individual thing credit.
Bad taste in mouth (sinus inflammation): this has also resolved without any particular sinus treatment more than my usual rinses. This, to me, just like with the pain relief, is evidence of inflammation reduction. Due to my stem cells working better? Could be …..
Cravings – I started to experiment with the SP6 Appetite Control patch 3 weeks ago to just see if it would help me not crave sugar so much. Well, I’ve had a week of a super low sugar intake without feeling any cravings or side effects – except good ones! Sugar can add to things like weight gain and arthritis pain and other inflammatory conditions. So I’m happy about that too. Remember, I exercise and watch my food intake too!!!! Everything is an assist to a healthy body and weight. They say that the patch (according to studies) stabilizes hormones and your metabolism and produces a highly significant improvement of the physiologic functional state of the liver, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid, intestines, and hypothalamus.
Surgical patient/family member: I also, had a person who had back surgery about eight months ago use the X 39 patch. I told him to put it on his surgical scar. He told me a few days later, unsolicited, that his back felt like it was “knitting”, like it did closely after the surgery. I responded “Yes! That’s exactly what I want your body to do – heal more, faster, better!” Now, since I have had so much pain relief from the combination of the X 39 and X 49 (what I call my “bone” patch), I am having him put the X 39 (stem cell proliferation patch) on the front and he’s adding the X 49 on or near his surgical scar on his back. We’ll see.
THE SCIENCE based on studies that measure results in urine and blood samples from study participants
+ these are non-transdermal patches made with organic materials and crystals that reflect very specific wavelengths of light from heat in your body.
+ the photo crystals elevate copper peptides in your body – that is the key to their healing effects.
+ the X39 patch increases the expression of the human copper-binding peptide GHK and the P63 protein which regulate stem cell proliferation (chart below).
+ it elevates copper peptides to improve stem cell proliferation resetting genes to a younger, healthier state.
+ its effect on your body’s level of copper peptides increases the energy produced in the mitochondria of cells which also increases stem cell proliferation.
+ glycine and alanine levels show a statistically significant improvement.
+ the extra energy in the mitochondria increases level of GABA in the brain. GABA induces calm and sleep and just getting better sleep quality can change everything.
+ tryptophan increases too (better sleep).
+ improves brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) and (GABA) which are related to both neurodegeneration and neuroregeneration. BDNF and GABA systems are involved in critical CNS functions ranging from neuronal development and survival to learning, memory, and more control of the activity of stem cells.
*The patches aren’t a miracle cure ……. I DO believe in Chinese medicine as a potential cure for issues and the patches have certainly “reduced/cured/made go away” my all over body pain but don’t think of them as a miracle cure. 
Just like your body didn’t get to where it is in a day, or you can’t build beautiful biceps in the gym without working out often and consistently, anything that is going to cure or significantly reduce symptoms, takes consistency and some bit of time. I usually ask people to commit to 3 months of patching … most people see results WAY before that but I think that the commitment to treatment is key.


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