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Stress and Our Immune System

12 APRIL 2022

About my Lighten Up! Program

Is it time to turn a new page, this year more than any other? Get back on track, get over the trauma of the last few years and brighten up our bodies? Every day I am privileged to work with people like you who want to improve your health. In the guide you through getting nutrition and some movement (aka exercise) in ways that are pleasing to you. I show you how to destress and relax, and teach you how to nurture yourself so that you can look and feel your best. It’s about learning to care for yourself and finding a nutritive lifestyle that supports the best version of yourself. 

You can click here to make an in person appointment! Program that teaches you how to eat for the body you love with nutrition that fits your lifestyle. The program helps you discover activities to improve your overall health that you also enjoy doing. And will help you find peace and balance even though the world may be full of chaos. 

I am so excited to be able to share this program with you in a comprehensive format that you can access from the privacy of your own home. You receive the education, support, and printable materials to help you achieve your goals while enjoying food and exercise. 

It’s time to put yourself first! Get started right here today. 

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Let’s all have a great 2023 and beyond! 

Dr. Martha