At-Home Therapies available to treat PMS, Headaches, Back Pain, Hot Flashes & Fertility!

How Virtual Therapy Works

15 DECEMBER 2022

What is this thing called telehealth therapy or distant healing and how can it possibly work? The technical definition is “the delivery of healthcare aided by technology, with the provider and the patient not physically in the same place”. It can be provided by video conferencing, text messaging, or telephone. Whatever needs healing in our lives can be healed at this level. People are amazed at how much more whole they feel after receiving a series of distant treatments. I’ve used them to treat a lot of mental/emotional issues but it works for physical issues also.

  • Distant Reiki
  • Virtual Acupoint Therapy (VAT) 
  • Essential Oil Therapy with Acupressure 
  • Acupressure training to do at home 
  • Herbal consultations and support 
  • Lighten Up Program for controlling weight 
  • Audio downloads for sleep, infertility, anxiety, depression, children’s anxiety, and more. 

More and more people are recognizing that not only is at home therapy convenient, it works! Today I want to tell you about the guided meditations that I offer you based on practitioner guided self-hypnosis. These sessions have been shown effective for anxiety, sleep disorders, pain relief, better athletic performance, weight control, stress reduction, and more. 

Results are actually pretty amazing.

All you need is a phone and a quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed for up to 30 minutes. You will experience relaxation that most people say is very similar to a daydream state. We all have many daydream states throughout our regular day. The magical thing about these practitioner guided relaxation sessions is that they have goals for you to solve issues that are bothering you – they are not just daydreaming; they’re therapeutic. One unique thing about the sessions is that having the expectation to relax is not necessary because the results are created either through focus or through relaxation. It all works. During the session, some direct suggestions are made to the subconscious mind to resolve the problem. After a session, you can experience some kind of benefits, whether it’s you feel lighter, you feel like you’ve had some release, you have some understanding about behaviors you want to change. It’s really different for everyone, what the symptom is, and what the result is that we’re are working to achieve. The bottom line though is that everyone feels better. 

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