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Is Acupuncture Therapy a Cure-All?

21 JAN 2023

Is Acupuncture Therapy a cure-all? Will it cure all of your ills, pain, and emotional stress?

The quick answer is “no” BUT:

Have I seen allergies go away after Acupuncture? Yes.

Have I helped women get pregnant using Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs? Yes.

Headaches or migraines gone? Yes.

Have people who suffer from emotions that are brought up by old trauma patterns feel better? Yes.

Have people healed faster and better from a surgery because they received Acupuncture? Yes (including me!).

Has PMS stopped happening to women I’ve treated? Yes.


I explain Acupuncture and the other therapies that I use like this:

My job is to get your body’s systems back into balance so that you can live your life mainly in a balanced state. What does this mean? It means that you may not always be happy, or never have any anxiety, or never have any pain, or never feel sad, or never catch a cold. Those things happen. BUT, Acupuncture will help:

+ reduce depression to increase your number of happy days

+ lower your anxiety so that you can be calmer

+ reduce your pain or yes, sometimes make it go away completely

+ nurture your spirit so that you don’t go into a spiral of sadness

+ make your immune system work better so that IF you do catch a cold, you get over it more quickly. Or, you catch fewer colds

+ make your periods “normal” which means no PMS, no clotting, and no pain

I don’t know anyone who is happy every moment of every day, or who never has any stress or pain. At some point pretty much everyone has a bad day. Take me for example. I have sacralization which means I was born with a low back deformity. It’s led to lots of pain, stiffness, and crookedness over the years. It took me a long time to come up withthe plan that lets me have a pain-free life and still do the sports that I love. I know when/if my back is going to “go out” so I take the necessary steps to make that not happen. Acupuncture hasn’t made that sacralization go away. That’sjust plain impossible. BUT, acupuncture plus structural yoga can and have made my life mostly pain-free so I can do whatever I want. Do I know that I need to get up and stretch a bit while gardening or my back is going to “go out”? Yes, absolutely! But that’s fine because I can live without pain as long as I do what I know I need to do.

Getting regular treatments along with doing what I know helps me at home, works!


Let me know how I can help you!

Dr. Martha