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Stress and Our Immune System

3 MARCH 2022

Did you know – our very own Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. and the Lucas Acupuncture clinic were featured in The Profile– Washington Park in February?

Lucas Acupuncture is a Capitol Hill-based acupuncture clinic that has been operating for 20 years and counting. Dr. Martha (as her patients affectionately call her) founded her small business in 2002, which offers Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other modalities to help people with trauma-related anxieties, general wellness, fertility issues, and anti-aging.

Dr. Martha is uniquely qualified in the field of Chinese Medicine because she holds a Ph.D. in Research Psychology as well as her certification and licensing to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Martha’s wide range of patients include people who are not feeling well, people seeking specialized treatments for long-covid, women’s issues and infertility, and slowing the aging process, as well as those who come for routine maintenance. She founded Your Wellness with Dr. Martha which is available to people from all across the globe through telehealth. Currently, she treats all her patients herself in two locations based in Colorado, but is planning to expand this year by adding another acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine practitioner to her Denver clinic location.

Dr. Martha is a visionary who sees that there is a great shift towards natural medicine at this time. In her private practice, she especially enjoys helping people get better who have chronic illnesses that Western medicine and pharmaceuticals haven’t been able to treat. She points out that “Your body wants to be well, and if someone can encourage your good health, your body will respond.”

Dr. Martha is also a Chinese medicine teacher, speaker, and author. She is an internationally respected practitioner and instructor who, for more than 25 years, has taught acupuncturists and MDs all over the world specialized Chinese Medicine procedures. One of her passions as an educator is to teach Chinese Medicine practitioners how to do proper and correct pulse diagnoses so that their treatments are more effective. She is described as “a dynamic speaker who keeps her classes engaged and who can explain complex information in an understandable form.”

She has been featured in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Allure Magazine, WebMd, and other well-known magazines and papers across the country. She is well known and highly respected in her field.

Being a globally recognized Cosmetic Acupuncture expert, Dr. Martha has also developed a natural skincare line called My Zen Skin Care, which uses Chinese herbs and essential oils to help people achieve and maintain healthy, younger-looking skin.