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You’ve seen my new logo (above) and now you can see my newly designed site thanks to Pryde Designs! What do you think? Your opinion matters because it’s you who will be using it. I may love it but it needs to be easy for you to use.

FACIAL GUA SHA: More and more of you are coming in for my My Zen Skin Care signature herbal facial and hyaluronic mask. Maybe it’s because IT IS SO RELAXING (just in case you have any stress in your life 😉) as well as very good for your skin.

When you come in, I’ll also offer you special prices on my skin care products, My Zen Skin Care – those are the products that I use in the office and then you can use them in your skin care routine at home!



Facial treatments are for reducing the signs of aging or for helping to slow down the aging process of the skin and to help you relax. But, what about aging in general? I was reading an article about centenarians (people who reach the age of 100 or more!) and what some of them say they think has helped them live such a long life. I’m choosing to talk about one that seems particularly relevant in these times where some of us are having much more stress than we’ve had before. The secret? – “keep the faith”. Researchers say that people who practice a religion live longer – any religion, you don’t have to be organized about it. Why? because they have somewhat of a social life (meeting in groups to meditate or pray), volunteerism (again, being with people), stress-reducing prayer (on your own or in a group), and an attitude of gratitude (on your own). How much of that can you do for yourself?

Me? I have a few rituals that I do. Believe it or not, every night I still say a “thank you for today” prayer. It’s interesting that no matter what was in the day, in other words maybe I didn’t have the greatest or happiest day, I still say that little thank you prayer.

I also have what I call an altar where I have symbols of gratitude, family and prosperity pictures, candles, notes with requests written on them, etc. I burn a lot of candles to St. Jude, the saint of immediate need or to guardian angels or to the Blessed Mother. There’s a beautiful statue of Ganesh (the remover of obstacles in helping you reach your goals) there too.

Reiki – especially using the “emotional” symbol really helps me as well. I offer long distance Reiki healing for you if you want to set up an appointment.

If I can help you with being calmer either in person or by giving you a distant Reiki treatment, contact me at

Take care and hope to see you soon either in person or virtually.

Dr. Martha