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Catholic Daughters of Catholic Mothers: A Memoir and Guided Journal

One of the things I love doing is writing and I’ve written several books. Some are for Chinese medicine practitioners but I am writing a book on aging, a book of 52 tips for good health, and have also written and published Catholic Daughters of Catholic Mothers: A Memoir and Guided Journal. And, through Mother’s Day it’s on sale for 50% off!

The book is what some call “a nostalgic romp through a Catholic upbringing. This guided journal is a witty and poignant view of life for those growing up during the Vatican II era. And it even resonates for those who have only seen a nun or a priest in movies.”

One of you wrote me a beautiful note after reading the book:

“I loved reading your memoir and your book gave me a fresh look at life’s problems that so many have and many seem to come out on top of the quagmire! Your words, thoughts, and feelings that you shared so well really hit home to me!! even though I’m not a Catholic Daughter of a Catholic Mother. My 4 years at a Catholic girl’s school pushes me in that direction!

Follow along as I highlight a generation of Catholic daughters, as well as of a mother devoted to their church. Whether or not you grew up in an atmosphere laced with cultural and religious traditions, this thought-provoking introspection will have you laughing and crying from start to finish.

Good reading!

Dr. Martha