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HEADACHE and MIGRAINE RELIEF – Essential Oil Blend


Here is hope in the form of essential oil therapy for your headaches.

Our Relief Essential Oil Blend is designed to help relieve headaches. The special blend of oils are in a coconut oil base so you can use it directly on your skin or on some lava stone jewelry like earrings or a necklace so you can enjoy the benefits all day!


Headaches can be so miserable but can be alleviated with acupuncture and some additional “at home” support. This is the purpose of Relief’s unique blend, developed by Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. It enlists the essence of medicinal plants that have been used for a long time to help relieve pain and heal the body.
+ The Melissa essential oil creates an uplifting effect on the mood to calm the mind, helps you find emotional harmony, and nurtures your spirit. Melissa is incredibly soothing for the nerves, and can help to ease feelings of anxiousness and prepare the body for a good night’s rest.
+ Lavender promotes a smooth flow of energy, calms the liver and heart fire that can create pain and anxiety
+ Peppermint can be so grounding. We put 3 drops in – one for spirit, one for body, and one for emotions. The oil centers you to help take your headache away because your Earth is calm. It educes worry and stimulates the brain and memory.
+ Eucalyptus helps with the fatigue that can come from chronic pain; go from depressed to uplifted, let go. Benefits the Po spirit.
+ Rosemary treats the yang fire that can often be the cause of headaches and other pain. Helps the flow of oxygen and blood, can improve memory, morale, and sense of purpose.
+ Helichrysum treats stress related symptoms like depression and pain. Balances yin and yang so your energy can stay centered instead of bounding up to your head and creating pain.
Use this Relief EO blend to relieve headaches. Use a few drops on the painful areas.
Please note that essential oil blends and products like audio meditations are not a substitute for medical treatment.


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