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Printable Guide – Qigong for relaxation: Relax!


Downloadable, printable guide for Qigong for relaxation: downloadable written instructions


Healing energy is all over the world and in every living thing. We can access that balance, that natural energy with certain Qigong maneuvers and meditations.
Read this qigong meditation guide that will teach you how to receive energy from water and take it into your body, into your lower Dantian for better health and anti-aging.
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I offer audio hypnotherapy or meditation and visualization recordings to benefit your sleep, libido, ED, weight loss assistance, boosting your immune system, relaxation, conception or help with fertility and infertility challenges, help getting pregnant, help with building self confidence, anxiety, depression, build your energy, mindfulness, gathering energy from Nature, calming.

Benefits of audio recordings of visualizations, or self hypnosis meditations include:
Reducing anxiety and depression,
Improving relaxation,
Improving your ability to relax in the future,
Helping to teach you relaxation techniques,
Helping with your weight loss plan and results,
Helping with conception (getting pregnant), help with infertility issues,
Helping build your energy,
Helping to calm you,
Showing you how to gather energy from Nature,
Helping with ED (erectile dysfunction) all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


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