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Stress and Our Immune System

12 APRIL 2022

How are you doing? I wanted to check in and tell you a little story. I’m hoping to go camping with one of our grands so am self-quarantining. Even in our new “6 foot economy” I’m not taking any chances because I’d love to get out of town with him and have some fun! I don’t know about you, but I have a great desire to get away …. probably because travel is so limited now right? How about you ….. are you getting away at all? Out into Nature?

I have loved giving online or distant treatments especially the relaxation/meditation/self-hypnosis ones which I plan to do forever! Sometime in July I will reopen for acupuncture BUT, as I just said about loving the distant healing and in the subject line that Care stops for no one! and I am still offering you care NOW.

So, what’s available for you? The Chinese character for crisis means both danger and opportunity. I have been taking the opportunity to do more online care, what opportunity awaits you?

Some of you in the past have been strictly acupuncture; some strictly herbs; and some a combination of treatment modalities. And since mid-March, some of you have been strictly online and/or strictly herbs. Now is my opportunity to offer you more opportunities than ever before for treatment.

For example, I may have mentioned my downloadable Qigong meditation to you before and you didn’t really think about. But now maybe you’re a little more anxious, maybe a little depressed, angry, not sleeping well, or in more pain, so this 99 cent download will serve you well!

I have put a bunch of other links at the bottom of this email that will help you too. Please scroll down and if you have any questions you can reply and I will answer you and help you out. Some of the items you can come by and pick up and some go to my Amazon page and will be delivered. Whatever is right for you!

Need relaxation? Anxiety-reduction? Sleep help? Sadness relief: Hit reply and we will set up an online self-hypnosis/meditation session. It works!

Chinese medicine has used this formula for maintaining good health here.

Have phlegm? This formula

Allergies or think you’re catching a cold – My Favorite! Gypsy Cold Care tea.

For those of you who want Cosmetic Acupuncture: check this out – my hibiscus (the plant BOTOX) and bamboo scrub – leave it on for 20-30 minutes for tightening.

AND – how would you like to learn how to do facial gua sa on yourself via a FREE video with me? Like my Denver Acupuncture Expert facebook page, sign up to get LIVE notices, and we’ll schedule it!

Need essential oils: Here, my Warrior: Beat the sneeze blend

ABSOLUTELY FREE – subscribe to my Youtube channel for podcasts like Your At-home Medicine Bowl or my Energy Medicine Woman podcast.

Need hope? Here – my Hope essential oil blend

Whew …. that’s a lot but there’s a lot that can help you!

Dr. Martha, 303-947-6224