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Starting Off The New Year With a Brand New Logo.
What Do You Think?

29 DEC 2022

This logo is based on a piece of art made for me by one of my grandsons. The original is a combination of drawing and yarns in the form of a tree that he made for me a few years ago. He even included the Yin/Yang symbol. I thought it was so thoughtful and treasured it so much that I had it framed and it’s in my main treatment room. Recently, as I’m having my website redone – and it’s coinciding with the New Year, I thought I’d have my webmaster – Angelina Butler of Pryde Designs – make a logo based on this grandchild’s piece of art.

Do you like it?

NEW: I am offering a new service that you receive through the phone lines or your computer – any device where I can talk and you can close your eyes, relax, and listen. You listen to me guide your body into a state of deep relaxation and healing. Call me, 303-947-6224, and let’s set up a time for you to enjoy this process in the comfort of your own home.

I hope to talk with or see you soon!

Dr. Martha