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Understanding Aging Skin and a Free Podcast About Reducing Stress

14 OCT 2022

Time changes our bodies in many ways and our skin is no exception. As we age, our skin slowly loses its ability to renew itself, changing the perfect smoothness of baby skin to adult skin that can be drier, rougher, and more prone to show damage. Time, sun exposure, and environmental toxins can all chip away at our skin health, making some conditions, such as skin cancer, more common for older individuals. But, by caring for and monitoring your aging skin, you can help your skin age more gracefully.

As we reach our senior years, thin skin, visible blood vessels, and bruising on the hands and forearms all become more common even without any obvious injury. TIP: wear long sleeves or gloves when you garden to protect you hands and forearms.

Wrinkling is also common with age. Areas that have received the most sun exposure throughout your life, such as the face, neck, upper chest, and arms, may begin to develop deep furrows and appear darker over time. TIP: Wear sunscreen always. My very own