At-Home Therapies available to treat PMS, Headaches, Back Pain, Hot Flashes & Fertility!

PRACTITIONER: You already know that Dr. Martha (me!) is a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, an acupuncturist. But did you know that in my role as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner I :

am also a Reiki Master including giving distant Reiki treatments

offer herbal medicine, supplements, and essential oil blends

give great Gua Sha facial treatments and microneedling

do Cosmetic Acupuncture on face and neck

give B12 injections and neural therapy for treating scars

and have a number of AT HOME therapeutic recording for you!

Want to know more? I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

AUTHOR: I have written several books about Cosmetic Acupuncture (Cosmetic Acupuncture Works! is one) and Chinese Medicine in general (Ear acupuncture/acupressure,Pulse Diagnosis – my clinical specialty). But my most recent book is a story about being a Catholic Daughter of a Catholic Mother and the trials, tribulations, and successes of such a life. I’ve called it a journal because each chapter ends with questions about your life!

SKIN CARE LINE CREATOR: Some years ago I knew that I needed some skin care products to use at my Cosmetic Acupuncture seminars. I wanted all natural products but they also had to “work” ….. they needed to have active ingredients that were also natural but which also do something! It’s called My Zen Skin Care because it not only is good for your skin but it’s good for your spirit – all natural, women-owned and operated, bunny safe, we recycle and reuse, and we donate a percent of our profits to the Cat Care Society and our local church food bank.

Contact me any time for answers to your questions!

Dr. Martha