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What is long distance Reiki and how will it help me?

9 DEC 2020

You want to know: what is long distance Reiki and how will it help me since I want healing at home? I need to feel better, how can you help?

Here is the answer. We are built from life force, qi, a flow of oxygen and blood. Our life force knows no bounds in time or space so therefore healing energy can be directed through space and time. I remember a study that I read in graduate school; it was a prayer study. The patients who were prayed for (any type of prayer – Reiki, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, etc.) had better health outcomes. No kidding. They didn’t know at all that they were being treated with long distant healing and they got better faster.

In distant treatments, my focus and intent is to send healing energy to you while you are wiling to receive it, and together it works! It is just one part of the therapies I offer for your WellCare.

How does long distance Reiki help you?

  • promotes deep relaxation
  • reduces depression and anxiety
  • helps relieve pain
  • aids in recovery from surgery
  • stimulates your immune system
  • helps detoxify your body
  • encourages a good night’s sleep

I start every session with a Telemedicine Discovery Call where you and I talk about your issues and needs. Then we set up a time for the long distant healing treatment. The treatment also includes a follow up email where I tell you my impressions and you give me feedback.

What one happy patient said: “To me, the effects of distant healing treatments with Dr. Martha are just as profound as those I experience during in-person treatments.”


Dr. Martha

PS: You are not alone, and if you’re going through a rough patch, please do reach out to me. Talking about it helps relieve the burden; it physically calms your brain, and maybe I can make a suggestion or two to help you through.

Right now, you have the opportunity to receive 4 Teleheath (long distance, virtual) treatments for the price of 3*. Email me to set them up! (4 treatments, once/week for a month.)