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CHANGE – Essential Oil Blend – reduce the stress of change


Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. chooses her oils carefully for their Yin and Yang energies and their healing abilities. Her blends are also infused with Reiki healing.

Everyone knows that the only constant in life is change, and that the stress it causes can often take a toll on spirit and body. Change Essential Oil Blend can help.


It enlists the “essence” of plants that have been used medicinally for a very long time to help reduce stress and fear. With it, the promise of a new world awaits.

A formula that can help you cope with change:
* Made from a blend of myrtle, chen pi/tangerine, fir needle, ru xiang/frankincense, tagetes, and cypress that allows us to feel like a fresh breeze is coming into our lives.
* The Siberian fir needle helps prepare us for the beginning of change
* The tagetes fortifies our choice to move toward our highest good
* The chen pi/tangerine, ru xiang/frankincense, and cypress help us enjoy moving through a new world.

To Use: Put 2 or 3 drops around your navel, soles of your feet, and under your nose or near your clavicle.

Please note that essential oil blends and products like audio meditations are not a substitute for medical treatment.


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